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 Welcome to LeatherScrapCrafts

Image by Dave Beasley

Leather Scrap for Arts & Crafts

Genuine Full Grain Cowhide Leather

We sell high-quality leftover leather scraps from some most well-known brands.

Leather Working Tools
Leather Workshop

Instead of going to the landfill, Amazing crafters like yourself can take advantage of the high-quality material for your creations.

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Explore the world of leather crafting with a versatile range of options. From tiny cuts perfect for kids' crafts to intricate mosaic art, add natural elegance to jewelry making and enhance various craft projects. Repurpose shredded leather for DIY creations like coasters and keychains. For pets, use shredded leather as bed filling, while it offers comfort and support in weighted blankets. Its resilience also makes it ideal for punching bag filling. With leather scraps, unleash your creativity and add timeless elegance to any project.

"Crafting Possibilities, One Leather Scrap at a Time, Where Elegance Meets Versatility."

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